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Diving in Mallorca with PETRODIVERS  …that’s real diving !!!
















Diving in Mallorca

Diving with the PETRODIVERS on Mallorca……..that's real diving!!!

Mallorca is one of the most beautiful diving areas in the Mediterranean. Many who only think of mass tourism and Ballermann when they think of Mallorca are often surprised when they see the Mediterranean island underwater for the first time. In fact, Mallorca is one of the most interesting diving areas of the Mare Nostrum today thanks to the many natural parks and nature reserves. The Mallorcan government has done a great job in recent years to protect Mallorca's nature and preserve it for future generations.

The incredibly diverse underwater landscapes alone, starting with the turquoise sea, white sandy bottom, sheltered neptune grass bottoms and bizarre rock formations to underwater canyons, caves that look like cathedrals, sunken stalactite caves to cave labyrinths that meander through the water like Swiss cheese extending over rock are worth many extensive dives. But that's not all. Anyone who has ever dived through a swarm of hundreds of barracudas in the Reserva Marina Del Migjorn nature park southwest of Porto Petro or near Cabrera, or discovered the scorpionfish during a night dive, will soon no longer be surprised at the constant encounters with octopuses, carpet rays, groupers, Moray eels, conger eels, slipper lobsters, hermit crabs and lobsters.

If you are lucky, you will also see sunfish, dolphins and sometimes seahorses, but you have to keep your eyes wide open, especially in the nature parks, because there it is fish soup at first. Gold welts, damsel fish, gaff mackerel and, especially in autumn, incredibly huge schools of tuna and jacks are an experience in themselves and some interesting wrecks are waiting to be discovered.

Even sperm whales sometimes pay a visit…..who would have expected that in Mallorca. In addition, water temperatures of up to 29 degrees in midsummer make diving a wellness experience in a class of its own.

This diving area, which can be reached from most European metropolises with very cheap flights in not much more than 2 hours, also offers everything for a holiday to suit every taste. Whether it's a holiday home in the country or an apartment or hotel room right by the sea, here individuals as well as families or diving clubs will find ideal accommodation near the diving center of their choice almost everywhere without non-divers traveling with them having to forego a great holiday.

The culinary advantages of the island are well known far beyond the borders and the Majorcan wines are among the best in Spain as an insider tip. For those who prefer the deco beer, there are also countless options directly at the Petro Divers, but you can also let the experiences of the day pass you by with your buddy on the terraces of the many bars and restaurants in Porto Petro with a wonderful sea view.

PETRODIVERS...that's real diving!!!

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