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Diving with PETRODIVERS in Mallorca … that’s real diving !!!

Diving in Mallorca

Scuba Diving in Mallorca is one of the excellent methods to discover the underwater world. The incredibly diverse underwater landscapes alone, starting with the turquoise sea over the white sandy bottom, the protected Neptune grass floors and bizarre rock formations to underwater canyons, grottos that look like cathedrals, sunken dripstone caves to cave labyrinths that run through the like a Swiss cheese Extensive rocky dives are worth many long dives. But that's not all at Diving school Mallorca.

Anyone who has ever chosen our diving in Mallorca through a swarm of hundreds of barracudas in the Reserva Marina Del Migjorn nature park southwest of Porto Petro or near Cabrera, or discovered the scorpion fish during a night dive, will soon no longer be surprised at the constant encounters with octopuses, carpet rays, groupers, Moray eels, conger eels, slipper crabs, hermit crabs and lobsters.

Diving in Mallorca is characterized by a diverse topography with huge fish schools, various marine life, and clear waters that are warm throughout the year. The west coast of diving Mallorca offers various diving sites such as the wreck of Porto Pi, the cave in front of the Port of Palma, and the seaside resort of Isla del Toro. There are also some exciting dive sites on the island, with many dive shops to the east and southwest of the city and Bahia de Pollenca to the northeast.!!! If you are lucky you will also see sunfish, dolphins and sometimes seahorses when you enjoy diving Mallorca but you have to keep your eyes wide open in the nature parks, because there is fish soup first.

Enjoy Your Vacation at Diving School Mallorca

PetroDivers offers daily diving excursions and daily beginner diving Mallorca courses. The most popular diving school Mallorca is connected to PADIs and offers daily diversions, tours, and a daily beginner diving course. At our Diving school Mallorca you can take part in a wide range of diving in Mallorca, as well as SSI certifications. You must start with an SSI certification to enjoy our dives as a certified diver in Puerto Pollensa. In order to participate in our SCUBA we have a diving Mallorca instructor course, you must be certified as a diver by most agencies and be certified with at least six months of PADI, CPR, and first aid, and be certified with at least 100 logged dives.

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